EPIC Pueblo Book Donations

Book Donation Policy

Books donated by EPIC Pueblo have been purchased through our partnership with First Book, a national nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books, to children in need.  First Book books are to be donated, not sold at any level of distribution. All books are donated to community organizations throughout Pueblo County, based upon need. Your generosity is helping us transform the lives of children in need by elevating the quality of their education and literacy skills. Together we can make a greater impact throughout Pueblo County. EPIC Pueblo donates books to supplement book resources of requesting organizations. EPIC Pueblo’s intention is to not be the sole supplier of books for requesting organizations. All book requests must be made by completing the Request Form and must be submitted to EPIC Pueblo website www.epicpueblo.org Staff, board and volunteers of EPIC Pueblo, will refer all requests to the website.

The intent of donating books is not a stand-alone effort. The books provided are a part of our greater efforts, to include our Brown Bag (BB) Presentations/Trainings. The books are a tool to the value added from receiving the books. EPIC Pueblo provides BB presentations/trainings free to the community. As a benefit of receiving the books, it is expected that each requesting entity schedule a BB, either in person or virtually, for those they serve, twice a year, or more.  These informational sessions enriched with appropriate early childhood development and education for children birth to age five, target, parents, educators, professionals, business staff and anyone that is interested in the young children in their lives.

EPIC Pueblo Board with input from staff, will determine the number and frequency of books given to each requesting organization. The board meets monthly the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Due to the large number of requests and the diversity of programs within our community, as well as the availability of books at the time of request, the number of books donated to each organization requesting books is based upon a variety of factors:

Complete a Request Form to Receive Books